Hello ...

I thought for a first post it only seemed right to kind of give a little insight in to my lifestyle.

I'm a mum, wife & fur baby momma! 
I'm a tea drinker, baker, pescatarian, food lover!
I'm creative, list writer, don't know when to stop, can't say no, will try my hand at anything kind of girl!
I'm a pain in the butt, I'm noisy, I'm quiet, I'm an anxiety sufferer!
I'm brunette, I wanna be slimmer, I wanna be healthier, I want a simple living lifestyle.

This here Quirky Boots is a journey for me!
At first it was a little fun but has grown into my dream of believing it can happen!
I have a real passion for handmade, recycling and the idea of simpler living! 
Somehow they all just seem to come together and make sense! 

The simpler living is still a work in progress! I'm in the midst of having a major declutter in our home and redecorating to find that cosy minimal family living that I crave for! 

A big change has happened, a new step on this journey, one that I'm ready for! one that I've waited for! I've made the decision to hit the floor running and go full time with my ideas, dreams and goals.
Wish me luck, I may need it ... and tea! lots of tea!!


  • Good Luck Dee. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll come to your new shop when it opens. Promise.
    You can do this!! Xx

  • Good luck with the new venture. I’ll enjoy following you on your new path.


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