Moving creativity back home

Making the decision to move all my creative mess back home was a tough one! 
I've loved having my own space to design, make and sell from but the time came where for me priorities are changing! So homeward bound was the answer.

I've managed to slot all my much needed supplies in.
I'm quite excited at the challenge of working from home, I've already made changes to how I will be selling my creations online, small bursts of joy is what I shall call it so I can concentrate on growing my creativity and still enjoy every moment of it.

For now the studio is up and running and instagram is my hub for inspiration and sharing my news, home and lifestyle is back in the foreground and finding that balance has taken some years, I feel that I am finally starting to listen to the inner me and hear her out, she's quite right sometimes and I really should listen to her more often! 

I've been so much more creative already and the huge list of ideas is starting to be made which makes me smile that I've achieved another goal.

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