My struggle with social media

Social media is so vast now that you feel if you don't keep up you will literally disappear! 

A post that Joanne Hawker made on her instagram about imposter syndrome made me really realise this is just how I am feeling

"Imposter Syndrome" - It’s the feeling that we don’t belong, the circle of self doubt we can find ourselves in or the feeling of not being good enough or like we’re about to be found out for being a ‘fraud’. 

I never feel adequate and on the same level as so many other creatives.
I feel like I can’t limit myself to one creative outlet so my business pages may look a tad messed up with this, that and the other so I feel it must make me a fraud!!! So many times I’ve tried to stick to one thing! Do what I believe social media wants me to do to the point I’ve been totally lost!

I have come to realise if you do anything in life, learn to just be you and have everyone accept that's who you really are, so that's how my social media is evolving! 

I love hazy photos, the idea of the 70s haze telling my story. I'm not great at product placement photography but I'm learning all the time. I'm not one for pointing the camera in my face, or having my Brummie accent on film! (I do love my Brummie roots though). I've never been one for tradition, fashion or styling I just want to be creative!

So this is where I am right now!
Full time in my studio workshop and loving it!
Sharing my creativeness on social media but not following a style more making it up as I go along!
I'm just been me! ... and so far I'm loving it...

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