The day I gave up magazines!

Going cold turkey is tough! 
I cannot go into a store without looking at the magazine isle first!
My eyes pour over the shelving to see where my next read or more probably coaster will be, its inevitable that I'll forget I purchased said magazine and will happily go along and re purchase with a knowing that I'm sure I've read this one before!
It wouldn't be so bad if I stuck to one genre but noooo I'll happily flick through the crafts, the homes, the lifestyle, the cooking, the baking and once even the minecraft section! (sons fault, those darn blocks are so annoying at times)

Now I've decided to go into the world of self employment full time and leave a lovely little job that quite possibly funded said addiction some things had to be cut from the budget! 
I was a little wide eyed when I saw just how much can be so easily spent on said addiction each month! and so from that moment enough was enough, the magazines had to stop! 
It's been no easy feat I can assure you of this! 
It's been two months since I bought my last magazine! 
It's been tough, but I pulled through and now I'm addicted to pinterest instead! (Only joking was already addicted to that! I mean isn't everyone! and if not why not!)

Then it was a case of streamlining my workshop so I could just have the things around me that was required (if I'm honest it was a complete disgrace and didn't know which way to turn for the mess I'd accumulated over the years from various craft projects!)

Again the magazines were a tough one! but were they really required! I'd had my joy from them! made a few projects here and there, made a mug stain on a few, maybe it was time to pass them on! 
(I stopped calculating when I got to £600 worth of material that I'd spent my hard earned cash on and at times possibly not even read the whole thing!)

After going through each one (seriously not joking there! I went through each one just incase there was a project or inspiration I just couldn't let go off) I put a shout out to other creative friends and happily one shouted back and re-homed them for me.

Can you relate to this real life saga! 
Did you continue to achieve your goal or were you taken in by the calls of the magazine isle!
This is a safe place - you can discuss it here...

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  • Sadly, yes, and then I give them away! I too have cut back especially on the craft ones. I currently have a gift subscription to two magazines and they will not be renewed when due. I subscribe online to a daily paper as this saves me setting foot in the papershop which was always a temptation. Good luck with your new business. Catriona


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