Another Summer...

The summer holidays are here so its a full 6 1/2 weeks of no structure, no timetable and quite possibly the last of its kind!
Jack has become a young man with a summer job until sixth form begins and Riley in his words is becoming braver as 'big school' approaches.

All of this became a realisation whilst planning what to do over the holidays! 
It hit me quite hard how things are changing and how time has flown and my boys are suddenly very grown up! 

My diary is looking full though, park and picnic meet ups with friends, visiting family, adding in some school work to keep them on top of things, family day trips and a garden renovation and home spruce up to top it all off.

I personally work better with structure so this summer I'm going to try my best at least of creating a daily routine for me so my anxiety doesn't pop out of the woodwork to create its havoc on me!

My main plan is to hold on tight to my family, make memories and enjoy the little things in life! and to keep up to date with our family 2018 scrap journal...

How do you cope during this hectic time of year with the children home from school, I am lucky that my boys are a little older now but it's still hard work to get them to do anything other than lazing around and gaming!

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  • I love this post Deanne and I am writing a similar one myself…I think writing is helping me to process the up coming 6 weeks!
    I love your plans. Have a wonderful Summer xxx


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